TXDNS Those eXtra Domain Names

Version 2.3.2 is available

New features:

  • Support AAAA(IPv6)record queries:
    -rr AAAA
  • Rewrite summarizing statistics using a thread-safe algorithm instead mutex.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem when running under Windows XP;
  • Fixed a problem when parsing a IPv6 address.

Version 2.2.1 is available

New Features:

  • You can now rotate country code second level domains (ccSLD) along with TLDs:
  • You can now indicate a start point to the brute force algorithm:
    --start-at xyz
  • Option to force resolver to use only TCP transport for the DNS queries:
  • By default resolver will ignore both hostfile and the local dns cache. You can enable those options trough:
    --use-cache, --use-host
  • Full DNS record detail dump:
  • Display the time taken for each query:
  • Switch to purge the dns cache:
  • Alpha charset now includes '_' and '-';
  • Countdown now defaults to 0s.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a dangling pointer that could cause memory violation under certain situations with CNAME records;
  • Fixed memory leak when parsing detailed TXT records;
  • Fixed overflow situation when parsing full record details over 512k;

Version 2.1.5 is OUT!

This an intermediary (and 1 year aniversary) release for the upcoming 2.2 version.

This release implements DNS queries against multiple DNS servers, a more efficient threading algorithm and some minor bug fixes.To use along with the new feature you'll find on the download area a start-up list of know open/public dns servers that I have extracted from  "VivilProject's list of public DNS servers". Bear in mind that I can not guarantee that all DNS servers will remain open :-) and thus you may come across with some false-negatives by the time that some of them gets closed or discontinued. I'll keep an eye on VivilProject web site and and try to update de list as much as I can. Fell free to report me closed servers or any new open ones.

Usage example:

 txdns foo.com -rt -bb --min 1 --max 3 -sl dnslist.txt -x 50 

Faster DNS servers will place more queries than others, so you may easily compile a top 10 servers list by sniffing your own traffic. At last but not at least, smalllist.txt has been updated and renamed to namelist.txt. A few more links to public word lists are also available for your delight. Once again thx for all the support.

TXDNS 2.0.0 is out!

Hi, I'm very excited to release TXDNS 2.0.0.This new version features a distributed model which further boosts TXDNS's parallelism and performance.

This model allows a TXDNS client to send jobs to a TXDNS server over a clear or encrypted TCP channel. Let's take a look on an example. To put a TXDNS host on listening mode you may issue:

txdns -l 

By default TXDNS listens on port 5353. On the client side you may post any query jobs to the host by just appending '-c xx.xx.xx.xx' to the regular query syntax (where xx.xx.xx.xx is the host's IP running TXDNS on listening mode), for example:

txdns foo.com -rt -t -c xx.xx.xx.xx 

Using -cr instead of -c will force the TXDNS server to redirect all output to the client, so basically you get the results from the server's job right on the client console. To encrypt all the traffic between the client and the server just append '--key <your_key_here>' to the regular syntax on both the client and server.

Note that file system streams are not redirected, which means that any file switches (-f or -h) will still have the remote host as root reference.

A new --countdown option has been added as a very basic synchronization mechanism, and by default, any jobs, no matter remote or local will now delay for 5s before firing. If you want to bypass this countdown delay you'll have to add '--countdown 0'.

As usual ( :-) lol ) I also removed few bugs, so I hope you find this version much more stable and reliable. File smalllist.txt has also been updated with few more common use names. I look forward for your feedback.

Cheers and have fun..

TXDNS Update!

I'm holding the new version a little more to release TXDNS with encryption support. Candidate algorithms are Blowfish(block) and ARC4(stream).

I'm just fine tunning some details and testing both algorithms for the final version. Hope to post soon with good news! Cheers...

TXDNS New Release

TXDNS new version in about to be released on the next few weeks.

Among other cool features this next version will bring a client/server model which will further boosts TXDNS's parallelism and performance. This new client/server model feature will allow a TXDNS-Client to send jobs to a TXDNS-Server over a TCP channel.

Release 1.0.1

Ok, this is my first bug fix, here's the release notes:

  • Fixed wrong engine report;
  • Removed few potential memory leaks;
  • Removed few potential overflows;
  • Friendly error reporting added and other output tweaks;
  • Some code optimization.
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